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Suport tehnic

Comenzile pentru serviciul COMPLET se pot face online. Pentru probleme tehnice va rugam sa trimiteti un email folosind formularul de contact de pe pagina de contact sau.
Putem fi contactati telefonic la numarul: 1 (909) 999-5427


Pretul abonamentului lunar $19.95.
Pretul abonamentului cu contract pe un an $179.40 echivalent $14.95/luna

Momentan puteti viziona 37 de canale romanesti in calitate SD si HD.

  1. If you are using mobile internet, please check if you haven’t used your high speed bandwidth limit. Mobile provider may had slowed your internet speed if you did.

  2. Check your Internet Speed. Internet speed you can check at Internet Download Speed mus be at least 0.7Mbps or 1.4Mbps if you view HD quality channels. Also PING check results must be no less than 200ms.


  1. If your internet speed meet all requirements, please check internet stability/quality. Internet stability you can check at Your inetnet line quality must be qualified at least:

    B – if you are using HTML5 Player
    C – if you are using FLASH and ANDROID players
    D -  if you are using WINDOWS player

  2. If you are using:
  • FLASH or ANDROID player - try changing ”Connection Protocol” to ‘GD’ or ‘HSP’.  To go to player settings, please click on “Settings” on the top right corner. After you change “Connection Protocol”, try to see desired program or restart your player.
  • HTML5 player – try changing “Connection Zone” to “2” or “3” in player’s settings.  To go to player settings, please click on “Settings” on the top right corner.

  2. HD (High Definition) / SD (Standard Definition) quality indicator.
    If indicator displays  or  - change channel quality.
  3. Setting Audio Volume.
  4. Choose Channel Language.
  5. Rewind back 6-9 seconds.
  6. Forward 30 seconds.
  7. Rewind back 1 minute.
  8. Forward 3 minutes
  9. Indicator which shows time position of currently watched program.
    If it shows  instead of   - you are watching live (with up to 60 seconds delay).
  10. Mark desired position of program  (Bookmarks)
  11. Share TV picture with link on Facebook (Only in Flash Player).
  12. Currently watched program’s timeline position.
  13. Currently watched program’s timeline.
  14. Choose display ratio (shown 16:9 in the picture above)
  15. Switch ON/OFF to FULL screen
  16. Switch ON/OFF Electronic Programing Guide (EPG) screen.
  17. Switch ON/OFF player’s help page.

Watch LIVE:

  • Press channel button (channel logo) 2 times
  • Choose channel via interactive channel screen (open screen pressing “K”)
  • Dial channel number (i.e. “1” + “1” will switch to first channel in first group)

Player control with keyboard (If not in Full Screen Mode):


For this video demonstration we used Amazon Fire TV box which is connected to TV

These are keys that are being used on remote control:

VIDEO – launch channels via menu
VIDEO – rewinding live broadcasting  / watching program from beginning
VIDEO -  switching channels
VIDEO – program forward/rewind using menu
VIDEO -  program forward/rewind using remote control buttons
VIDEO – watching last / unfinished program
VIDEO – searching programs
VIDEO – searching programs by currently watched content
VIDEO – choosing channel audio language
VIDEO – how to use bookmarks
VIDEO – archive calendar
VIDEO – TV guide (EPG) control
VIDEO – play channel from channel list
VIDEO – switching screen modes
VIDEO – stopping / playing desired content

Echipamentul Android TV Box poate fi achizitionat online.

Echipament recomandat:
1. Amazon Fire TV Box
2. Amazon Fire TV Stick


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