Product Warranty & Returns



For Android TV Boxes and remote controls, you have 14 days warranty. The warranty begins to run from the date of purchase and includes free repair. Defects that occur during the warranty period can only be removed by COMPLET, its authorized dealer or manufacturer.

Remove the memory cards, etc. from the device before sending it. Send only the device itself with a fault. Please save all personal data and settings stored on the device. We accept no liability for any lost attachments, personal data, or settings stored on your device.

The customer must ensure that the device is safely packaged and properly shipped and also covers shipping costs.

The stated warranty conditions do not cover the following defects:
– Device damage due to improper use.
– Device breached due to third-party software or hardware.
– Device damaged due to mechanical or extreme electrical effects.
– Devices showing signs of improper use (scratches, broken body, etc.).
– Infringement of the device due to force majeure or third-party effects such as fire, flood, chemical or biological effects, war, violent acts or similar circumstances.
– Flooding the appliance or contacting with improper materials that caused the defect.
– Connection to the wrong power source.

Goods that are damaged by the above mentioned items are not refunded and no objections are accepted.

In some cases, due to a higher failure, the device is sent to the manufacturer. Delivery can take up to 3 months. If it is found that certain warranty conditions have not been met, the device may be non-refundable or the sender has to pay the shipping agent and the cost of the return.


If the item you purchase is not suitable for you, we will accept it within 7 calendar days after purchase and we will refund 100% of the amount paid.


– Returns the item within 7 calendar days from the date of purchase.
– Before returning the item, it is necessary to contact COMPLET by e-mail. E-mail at or by phone 1 (909) 999-5427 and inform about the return.
– The return item must be in the original packaging, not used and with all its accessories (instructions, cables, cables, etc.) and gifts (if any).
– The customer is responsible for shipping the item.
– The returned goods must not be deprived of a commercial appearance (undamaged labels, unbreakable protective films, bags, etc.).
– When you return the item, you need to add a purchase receipt.
– The money will be returned by transferring money to the customer’s bank card used by the time of purchase of the item within 5 business days.
– COMPLET reserves the right not to accept the returned goods without giving any reason.


– The products configured, manufactured or ordered according to the individual needs of the client.
– Devices whose use is limited by certain parameters, one-time licenses or the like.
– Gift cards.